Why 905

Architecture & Design

We’re not interested in replacing a Fulton Market structure—how could we? Instead, we’re taking the original edifice, the aspect that’s been part of the visual culture of the neighborhood for decades, and building out from it. The result is both strikingly modern and authentically Fulton Market.

Neighbourhood Culture

You know those cool neighborhoods you see on TV sometimes? The ones that seem impossibly cool, full of friends and artists and amazing coffee? That’s Fulton Market. It’s close enough to downtown to feel alive but far enough away to be its own thing—the sort of place people go on their days off. Come to 905, and you can be here everyday.

Branding Opportunities

The natural result of all the growth in the West Loop is that it’s more populous than ever—which leads to incredible visibility. That’s what makes 905 such a uniquely effective branding opportunity: stake a presence out here, and you’ll be seen by half the city.

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Now that you know why 905 Fulton Market is such a standout opportunity, why not take the next step and see what we have on offer?